[Statue in Koblenz, Germany]

Explore the Culinary Delights of Our University Cafeteria!

[University Building] our university cafeteria offers fresh hot meals daily to make your stay during the conference as enjoyable as possible. In addition to a variety of delicious dishes, the cafeteria also provides a vegetarian option every day to cater to the needs of all our guests.

To get a taste of what awaits you, feel free to check out the current menu plan, which you can find at the following link: University cafeteria.

We hope you take the opportunity to indulge in the cafeteria and also have the chance to mingle with other participants and make new connections.

Connectivity on campus

The WLAN of the University of Koblenz provides fast and secure internet connections on campus for all members and guests, to promote productive work, research and communication. Following access points can be used:


(education roaming) is an access service for the international research and education community. It allows members from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity.


All other guests please log in to the guest-access. Please use the access data provided to you by the conference management.

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